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Our long-term partnerships ensure a rich variety and available stock, and we have recently launched a new eyebrow care line by Christina Saranti.

New product line


brow mascara

The eyebrow mascara colors, combs, and sets the direction of the hair, enhancing the shape. The result is natural, but it can become more intense with additional layers of mascara.


Available in 3 shades:


Light – Obsession
Chestnut – Carpet
Dark Chestnut – Extreme

brow pomade

A creamy textured brow shaping and filling product that leaves a matte finish, staying stable and unchanged for hours, yet removes easily with simple makeup remover. It is highly resistant to moisture (e.g., sweat) and oil. Applied with an angled brow brush, it shapes with absolute precision, filling in gaps and creating a natural result. Packaged in a practical jar, it must be sealed tightly after use to prevent exposure to air and drying out.


Available in three shades:

Light – Bes
Chestnut – Nobra
Dark Chestnut – Foreverdark